Italian Food Adds Romance to Wedding Catering

What is it about Italian food that makes it so romantic? Certainly it appeals to a diverse demographic of people. Whether it is our appetizers such as bruschetta, prosciutto rolls, or Sicilian antipasto, or a main dish like spinach lasagna or risotto, these classics are the best way to one’s heart—and stomach. But why? What is it that makes Italian food so appealing beyond the flavors?

It isn’t just the stereotype that Italians are passionate that make people find Italian food a romantic choice for wedding catering. Did you know many Italian foods are filled with herbs, spices and ingredients considered in times of the past to be aphrodisiacs? Back when nutrition was magic and the average diet lacked essential vitamins like vitamin C, zinc or other minerals needed for proper health and body function, introducing new and exotic foods could be the extra boost someone might have needed for some zing in the mojo department.

Some reputed aphrodisiacs may have been purely psychological due to their rarity or because they resembled the shapes of reproductive organs. Consider these common herbs in Italian food and how they might have affected the average nutrient-deprived European hundreds of years ago.

This herb has long been considered aphrodisiac and is reputed to increase circulation and blood flow.

Although we often think of the side effect of bad breath, the heat was considered to increase desires. In the ancient times, love potions contained garlic and those who were supposed to be chaste, like widows and monks, were not supposed to consume garlic.

This herb was once considered to be useful for men’s ailments in medieval Europe, whereas this herb is now considered to be a modern herbalist’s cure-all for women’s ailments—from hormones, to the pains of labor, to low libido.

Women during the medieval era took baths in rosemary water because the scent was thought to attract men.

This herb has been used medicinally for thousands of years since the time of the Sumerians for its antiseptic properties, as a sleep aide, a digestive aide and as an aphrodisiac.

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