Sexy Ingredients to Include in Wedding Catering

Last month we explained why many Italian herbs are reputed to be romantic or passion-inducing. Certainly in the times of the ancients before we had the extensive studies of nutrition that we do today, they could only rely on anecdotal evidence of the effects of food on people’s physiology. If people were searching for a cure to reproductive problems, they might assume that if a particular fruit or vegetable resembled reproductive organs, or if the food was the reproductive organ of a plant, it might be an aphrodisiac. 

Below are common ingredients which have been more recently studied by scientists and nutritionists which have vitamins, compounds or minerals that aid in stimulating the body—many of which are included in our menus.
Capsaicin is a compound that causes the release of endorphins in the body and aids in circulation when ingested. It is so powerful that there are creams for people with arthritis, circulation problems related to diabetes and muscle pain that include capsaicin to stimulate blood flow.

Aged cheese such as parmesan contains phenylethylamine which stimulates the arterial system and has a variety of effects. It is also high in chromium, a mineral needed in male health.

This shellfish was reputed to be eaten for breakfast by the bucket by Casanova. More recently in history it was concluded that mussels and oysters are high in zinc, iodine, and amino acids needed for male reproductive health.

Red Wine
This beverage contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine, which in small amounts increases arousal, stimulates the senses and causes relaxation. Too much phenylethylamine can cause headaches and fatigue.

With over thirty chemicals that effect the body in a variety of ways, chocolate releases endorphins and makes people feel good. The caffeine in it is also a stimulant.

High in vitamin A, this is necessary for reproduction and function of mucous membranes. It is also a main ingredient in many Italian dishes.

Located in Portland, Oregon, we offer a variety of menu choices for catering events and weddings. See last month’s posts for a few more sexy foods to inspire romance in your wedding catering.