St. Patrick’s Day Event Catering and Decoration Ideas

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Whether you are planning a March wedding or a St. Patrick’s Day theme party, we have ideas to make the luck of the Irish shine down on your holiday. Many people typically serve corned beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread, but what else can you do to give a wee bit more of the St. Patty’s Day mood to your party?

Event catering should center desserts around “green flavors” such as mint and pistachio.

Select foods that are naturally green: slices of vegetables like celery, cucumber and zucchini with skins, green peppers, avocados, olives and pickles.

Serve Guinness.

Encourage everyone to wear green.

Add green food dye to beverages, cake batter, or bread dough.

Arrange rainbow fruit trays with banana slices at the end to look like coins.

Set out real shamrock or clover plants.

Encourage guests to make Celtic knotwork designs with pretzels.

Use clover, leprechaun hats, gold coins and green plates, napkins, streamers and table clothes to enhance the mood.

Set out gold coin candies in black salsa bowls so that it will look like pots of gold.

Pass out, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” pins.

Make posters with Irish sayings. Find some at these sites below:

Try to talk with an Irish accent.

Play a movie in the background like Darby O’Gill and the Little People.

Play Irish highland music and if brave, embrace your inner Michael Flatley and learn some highland dance moves. If you want to brush up on your Lord of the Dance skills, consider going to the Portland Ceili Society where you can learn some traditional moves beforehand.